Hello World!

Hello world, I am Jessica – The Sexilass!

My team and I started SexiTresses with one goal in mind – to give sexi, stylish lasses like you quality options for styling your hair. Whether your natural locs are long, short, curly, straight or somewhere in between, a lass likes to have options. My personal style is bold, sexi, and creative. You might see me in purple tresses one week and pink the next! So I do wear a lot of extensions and wigs for two reasons: 1.) Who has time to maintain all that with your own natural locs? I’m always on the go! I don’t have the hours to spend creating that kind of magic every morning! 2.) All that styling can be rough and damaging on your hair  – so I keep my natural locs safe in a protective style while I’m doing all sorts of wild, crazy, sexi things with my SexiTresses! It is my hope to become your trusted source for bundles, closures, wigs and more so that you too can have all the sexi styles your heart desires!